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I am so excited you stopped by to find out more about creating your dream-designed space with us! My name is Jane Aldrich Williams, the owner of Decorating Den Interiors in Burbank / Toluca Lake, and I have a wonderful and personal decorating experience in store for you!

Everyone knows the expression "home is where the heart is" - what does that mean to you? Does your home reflect your heart? I think it should. My unique mission as a decorator is to help clients connect their heart with their home to create an environment that nourishes and replenishes them. Not all designers share my view.

Having an interior decorator/designer work in your home is an intimate experience. Our personalities, belief system, and approach to working together have to mesh and complement each other, for this system of designing to be successful. I design holistically, so my projects can provide you with the best finished result. We work collaboratively to ensure your taste and style is fully reflected, while my design expertise pulls the whole space together.

You are in the right place if you are open minded to creative and unexpected solutions, you are interested in participating in the design process, and are willing to let the professional help you make the best decisions. You are the type of person who enjoys collaboration, treats others fairly and honestly and expects the same in return, and can go with the flow. You are in the right place if you are seeking a drama-free decorator that genuinely designs from the heart, and whose mission it is to create unique and personalized spaces for her very special clientele. 

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